Areas of Expertise
Split Cane Rods

I have specialised in split cane rods since the mid 1950s and like to think that I can make yours look as good as new and, it will not cost you a 2nd mortgage unlike some of the manufacturers 

Fly Fishing Rods

Another of my later life passions as I have only been repairing fly rods since 1962 !! The finest fishing ever. Get in touch!

Coarse Rods

We do the best we can to provide the best customer experience. New reel seats, new cork handles even if they're not fitted from new, new line guides. Total refurbishments and revarnish. 

Sea Fishing Rods

We do everything we can to make sure we're offering you the best possible services.

Rod Line Guides (eyes)

"Service details coming soon. Contact us via email or contact form for updates on when this becomes available!"

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