Top Fishing Workshop in Elmsett

No matter if you’re a fishing enthusiast in need of some top-quality equipment or a first-timer looking to get into it, Buckingham Rod Repairs, located in the Elmsett area, is the place to visit. At our workshop we have everything that you need, from rods & rod spares. Remember though, rod Repairs is our main business.Should there be something you cannot find, please let us know about it. If you would also like to find out a little bit more about the services that we offer, then please feel free to contact us through our booking form or telephone and ask for Dave.
We cover the whole of East Anglia and surrounding areas and can, if you have difficulty travelling here, come and collect and even redeliver to you. If you are elsewhere in the UK, we can still arrange to repair your beloved rods. Parcel service does a great job. Modern rod tubes are great for protecting them in transit.
How does all that sound?

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